Prototypes can be, perhaps, one of the most fun portions of what we do. We currently enjoy - or have enjoyed working with the aerospace, automotive, medical, drainage, and construction companies to produce working examples of their concepts.

Hand in Hand or Hands Off!

Each customer has their own way to approach prototyping. Several of our clients prefer to toss the idea over the proverbial fence and have us connect the dots to achieve a working model of the rough concept... On more than one occasion, they have said, "Just find a way to make the idea work." However, some of the other clients prefer to execute prototypes to plan, working or not, to best learn from the design and track revisions.

Either way is both interesting and fun. Let us know which method you prefer.

Alternative Prototype Methods

In addition to the conventional prototype methods, we can also handle some of the more progressive forms of prototyping. With access to the 3d ABS printer, we can make quick, functional, and robust ABS prototypes without much hassle. Does that sound like something that will work for you?