NK Machine is fully capable of handling your design needs. We have a degreed engineer who we keep tightly in our grips, and well versed on the machinery. There's nothing worse than an engineer that does not understand the machines that produce the designs he or she creates.


We are capable of complete machine design, product design, and design evaluation. We have motion analysis software that lets us see the kinematics of the machine before we produce the machine. We havefinite element analysis (FEA) software that helps us evaluate suspect parts for failure, before they reach the field. We have all of these things for your use. But what good is it if we can not read your data?

Data Translation

We can read most any data export format, and most native data. We can export most any data format as well. Here are some examples. We utilize SolidWorks software for design, analysis, and CNC coding. We have several web applications which allow us to share design data on our client's screens, from our system. Even if they don't have design software themselves. Contact us for an example of how we can collaborate over the web.